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Information Letter

Trilingual Agro-Industrial Technical Project for the Republic of Colombia. We have another option to execute the project within the Amazonian territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


Respected citizens of the Republic of Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, civic and community leaders, authorities of indigenous peoples, civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities; Government and civil organizations, public and private officials, educators, artists, athletes, creatives, innovators, businessmen and banks:


Leonardo Marin-Saavedra of Canada (Anglo Catholic Archbishop), originally from the Republic of Colombia in South America, an expert in scientific educational projects (in his civil life, a classic writer and playwright), is the intellectual author of this macro-educational project, of high quality and efficiency, in order to execute the Trilingual Agro-Industrial Technological and Technical initiative, as innovation, promoting the development, progress and sustained balance of children and youth in the area of influence of what we previously knew as National Territories, within the geographical territory of Colombia and the Apure and Amazon States within the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The main headquarters will be built in an area where the administrative group chooses to plant this initiative in Venezuela and Colombia. These two countries, as the main option to materialize the unique process, do not leave other nations such as Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia out of the initiative.


The educational entity will initially have the capacity to cover and sponsor 50,000 students of both sexes until it gradually reaches 12 million students from the Colombian and Venezuelan national territory, with several satellite and administrative offices, a boarding school, a modern hotel, hospitals and commercial and recreational areas, to protect all participants and the working class without exception, trying as far as possible to capture the work without altering the order established by the Political Constitution of Colombia and that of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the regulations national and international education and ecosystem. The macro project will respect the idiosyncrasies of the original peoples, society in general, the environment, each fact and custom, culture in each of its manifestations, abiding by the recommendations that emanate from the Ministry of National Education of each annexed country, of the Departmental and Municipal Education Secretariat in the areas of influence, and to legal requirements of the Municipal Mayors with their rights and duties in accordance with law and order.


The main administrative modular headquarters will be located in the city of Bogotá (Colombia), the educational institutional headquarters will be built in the area according to the will and needs of the inhabitants of the selected region, to the facilities of both the surrounding environment and the gear circulation of the entire territorial region bordering the Amazon Forest. To explain some aspects of the development and possible materialization, our organization wants interested citizens to know aspects of the initiative, to listen directly to its mastermind, before their arrival in the area (with an international and national commission), and to become familiar with the initiative. We want the citizens of the two initially mentioned countries to know general aspects of the project and, if possible, to be linked to socialization as protagonists of the great historical educational event.


To facilitate communication and cognitive participation among stakeholders, we have set up a telephone number that includes WhatsApp from Colombia: +57.310.448.5113, and another WhatsApp number from Canada: +1.647.875.4597 (Email: insteagri@gmail.com). These numbers will be used by the intellectual author both within Colombia when he is visiting for the exhibition and outside the borders of the Colombian national territory when his opinion and suggestion are required. Initially Leonardo Marin-Saavedra, is forming a multidisciplinary commission of men and women specialized in educational issues and jurisprudence, so that they establish strategies on how to plant the initiative for the good of Colombian and Venezuelan society, and the conservation of the Amazon region as an important jungle and lung of the planet. 


A Colombian citizen residing in Houston, Texas, United States, was recommended as INSTEAGRI International Pedagogical Coordinator, by the Anglo-Catholic Old Movement of the United States, by IAL Canada, as INSTEAGRI promoter and socializer, of the Independent Church of Colombia, to a Colombian citizen residing in the city of Villavicencio, as a generator of ideas and strategies for an Ecuadorian citizen residing in the city of Malabi, Portoviejo, in Ecuador, and as an educational strategist for a lawyer from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela residing in the city of Caracas . Similarly, as INSTEAGRI Legislative Advisor, a Colombian lawyer residing in the City of Villavicencio and three Colombian lawyers residing in the city of Bogotá were appointed. Everyone will be sent the INSTEAGRI Summarized Draft Skeleton, before the arrival of the mastermind in the Republic of Colombia (at the end of October 2023).


The diversified interdisciplinary methodology to follow will count on international and national economic investment, from founding partners, investors, financial donors, sponsors, participating volunteers, the link and special sponsorship of national and international universities from England, Japan, Canada, South Korea. , United States, Holland, Belgium, France, Finland, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Norway, friendly governments and sponsors of the initiative, national and international organizations, and the entity Churches Together of England (Churches Together), for the cause of sustainable, friendly and fraternal development with all peoples and nations.


We hope to have your support, comment, solidarity and connection.
Greetings, thanks and thousands of blessings. ...





 Official Spokesperson for OACM, IAL, and FundaLeomas.

Telephone United States (Telegram): +1.323.412.9337.


Trilingual Agro-Industrial Technical Project for Colombia (South America)

Mail Information (Email): insteagri@gmail.com

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Information Letter

OACM-IAL Trilingual Agro-Industrial Technical Project for the Republic of Colombia. We have another option to execute the project within the...